Supported Employment and Voc. Rehab.

 Supported Employment (S.E.) is employment positions in the community found by the member interested in working with the aid of Wasatch House. These positions are usually part-time and last as long as the member desires to work. The member will apply and interview with the employer like a regular job, with the aid of Clubhouse staff. Wasatch House does not cover absences like a T.E. would, but still maintains a relationship between Wasatch House, member, and employer. This is the second level of employment aimed to give members hands on experience in the workforce.

Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) can provide additional resources and supports needed to assist individuals in finding competitive and integrated employment in the community. Members seeking Supported Employment with Clubhouse may be asked to apply for VR services with the assistance of Wasatch House staff. Clubhouse staff, members and VR counselors work simultaneously to find these competitive and integrated employment opportunities.